Who can better take care of my home? Would I rather hire the cleaning service or find a individual cleaning person?

There are many factors which help you make a decision. If you have never had any experience with this kind of service you need to consider what is more important to you and what maid service or cleaning person can offer.

Independent cleaners commonly provide one-person service what means that it will take longer to clean your house. If you work at home it could be a little bit aggravating and it could disturb you. On the other hand you always have the same person so in the meanwhile she won’t be a stranger walking through your house. The same person is a huge advantage. You will know what you can expect from her every time she will come to your home. It is much easier to give her any instructions and directions or to tell her what she can do better, what she missed in last visit.

Unfortunately, the most important disadvantage of hiring the individuals they probably don’t have an insurance. What does it mean to you? If something had happened you would be responsible for this. You could be liable if a she is hurt in your home. You may say that you know this person very well and what can happen the cleaning, but it is always a risk.

Another disadvantage which occurs occasionally is a rescheduling the service date. Especially if something happens suddenly like sickness or unexpected events. There is no substitute, your maid isn’t so flexible and it is very hard to find a gap in her schedule.

The last and the most important factor is the price for the service. It will cost you up to 20% less so you can save hundreds of dollars per year. This is the main reason that people hire individuals rather than a company. Where is the best place to find a cleaning person? My suggestion - Craigslist

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Individuals vs. Cleaning Service - Part 1

Now it is time to consider pros and cons of cleaning services also known as maid services. Is it worth to spend a little extra money for professionals? It depends on what the company, which you want to hire, can offer you.

You ought to know that every professional cleaning provider has its own checklist of the cleaning tasks. So before you ask for the price or scheduling the appointment, you should check if you don’t need some additional services ( an oven cleaning ). They may refuse to do it or they will charge you extra.

The cleaning companies commonly provide crews of two, three sometimes four. If you want to have your house cleaned as fast as possible four-member team will be a good solution. My recommendation is the crew of two or, if it is possible, one person, as in Chicago Cleaning Srvices. First of all, a small team will do the job more carefully and they focus on the cleaning not on running time. Second of all it could cost you a little bit more for a bigger team ( Your payment covers their trip to your house, so even if it takes half an hour there are four employees ).

The members of the team could change very often. It can be annoying seeing different people in your house during the cleaning. In one day, you will come back to a really clean house, in the other day you won’t even recognize if someone visited it.

 The important advantage of hiring a professional cleaning services is the ability of rescheduling. If you call two day before the cleaning, it should not be a problem to change the service date without extra cost.

If you are wondering what is the best way to find reliable cleaning service providers here is some helpful tips and hints.

Cleaning companies as well as construction firms always face with employee disloyalty. Since a company’s reputation is the one of the major priority for every business owner, dissatisfied workers may easily damage it.

 I would like to introduce the situation which is probably well known by cleaning service providers. Especially, all these cleaning companies may be familiar with this issue that offer crew of two or one person cleaning service. I’ll try to describe the point of views of three parties involved in the problem: the cleaning company losing the client, a former/fired cleaning person, and a customer who simply doesn’t care.


Easy target
Ann worked for a cleaning company two years as a subcontractor. She was responsible for the small area, mostly visiting the same houses every week or every other week. An employer tried to fill every gap in her work schedule by one time service projects. It wasn’t easy during hard economic times.

 She was getting frustrated seeing her paychecks every week. It was not the same amount as she had received a year ago. She was aware that the supervisors did everything to keep her busy, but on the other hand that was not her problem, that there are not enough work.

 The idea of “takeover the houses” wasn’t new. She had heard about the cleaning workers who quit the job for the company and right after that they visited all former clients with their offers. Typically, they proposed lower rates and even better services than the company could offer.

 There was only one thing she was afraid of. Not everybody can accept her offer, so she assumed the risk of losing a few customers. She decided to complain on her employer to present her tough situation. “They may sympathize with me if I tell them how my job looks like … also some fictitious details might color the stories.”


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