Initial clean also known as deep clean is always recommended for the first visit. It is thorough, top-to-bottom clean of the house that includes all services of the regular clean, plus some extra services. The price depends on time taken to complete the job and it starts from $100. 


Scrub tile grouting scrub
Scrub shower and/or tub grout
Clean and disinfect tub and shower stalls
Remove toilet stains 
Clean sinks, fixtures and drains 
Wash paper holder and towel racks 
Wash cabinet exteriors 
Baseboards wiped 
Extra attention to floors 
Wash trash cans as needed 
Polish and wax furniture 
Disinfect commode inside and out 
Rugs removed and washed using on-site washer and dryer 
Clean light fixtures 
Clean mirrors

Kitchen and the other rooms: 

Clean artwork and décor 
Clean exposed bookshelves 
Clean exposed registers and baseboards 
Clean interior windows 
Clean light fixtures 
Clean microwave inside and out 
Clean/degrease hood of stove
Dust and/or shine plants 
Dust and/or wash window sills 
Dust blinds 
Dust ceiling fans 
Empty trash as needed 
Freshen carpets 
Freshen curtains 
Mop exposed pantry flooring 
Move and clean under and behind furniture 
Interior window 
Polish and wax furniture 
Provide trash can liners 
Refrigerator exterior: Top, sides, front, vent 
Refrigerator interior: Shelves, seals, lips 
Remove cobwebs 
Remove fingerprints from high-traffic walls 
Remove scuff marks from floors 
Shake and/or vacuum rugs 
Stove: Wipe down exterior, clean burners, drip pans, remove knobs, clean 
Vacuum carpets and mop floors 
Wash & scrub sink, fixtures, and drain 
Wash and disinfect counter tops, moving all countertop appliances 
Wash and/or polish cabinet exteriors 
Wash chair rails, molding and woodwork 
Wash door frames 
Wash door fronts 
Wash splashboards 
Wash trash cans as needed 
Wash window frames 
Wipe down dishwasher and trash compactor exteriors 
Wipe down exterior washer and dryer, interior washer lid 
Wipe down small kitchen countertop appliances