It is going to be a little bit off-topic but I am really frustrated of the condition of recently sold houses and condos. I mean all those bank owned properties which were sold for lower prices. As a “fresh buyers”, you don’t know what you can expect from your house and what kind of “surprises” are waiting for you. After receiving many calls from desperate customers I did some research.

 First of all, let’s focus on some selected ads from To find out my favorite descriptions I sorted them by the price: from low to high. Obviously, I skipped all properties which look like ruins. One condo, which caught my eyes, has really the affordable price. There is only one picture of the whole building and very interesting information: “sold as is….buyer responsible for any and all city inspections... “. This is a very tempting offer, isn’t it. I suppose that there is a perfect condition, just move in and live merrily.

And the nightmare begins. Recently, I have received many calls regarding special, atypical cleaning requirements. When I asked for details I could not believe them. They described what they had found out after the had bought the house. One of them told me about the crayon stains on the walls or the painted sink . The others asked if we are able to remove the black grease from the window screens. Who could leave such a mess? The frustrated former owners who could accept their situation. They were required to move out due to financial reasons and leave their long-term investment so the last terrible thing what comes to their mind is not to give up without a fight. “You can take my home but I left some surprise” that is the message to the bank. But they don’t realize who is going to pay for their revenge.