Why move out cleaning is so important for those who are about to leave the current living place?

They must provide a good condition of the house for the landlord to get their deposit back. Prior to occupancy, the house is exposed to potential damages and it has several dirty spots where tenants don’t touch during the routine cleaning process.

After repairing damages you need to consider if you are able to handle all this mess and change the house into really clean and sparkle or you need some help. There is one important thing that you need to check before you start calling the cleaning services. Step outside of your house, turn around towards the main door and imagine that you are the landlord who is going to inspect the house. Make a list of all tasks which should be done and compare it to those provided by professional cleaning services. Don’t forget that move out cleanup should consist of regular cleaning tasks plus some extra tasks such as clean outside inside cabinets and drawers and clean refrigerator interior. Ask the cleaning service provider if they are able to do the extra cleaning which is not on their list and you think it should be done.

How much are you going to spend for the service? The price can range from $100 to $300 depending on many factors. It is very difficult to estimate this kind of work so don’t believe those who are trying to tell you that they can clean five-bedroom house for $100. They are not probably going to provide what you are really expect and they would leave you with your still messy house. The best solution for this kind of work is to provide hourly rate and approximate time.

For instance, if you have five-bedroom house, the cleaning professionals may propose you $25 hourly rate per person and six-hour labor. It means that it could cost you $150 for 6 hours plus $25 for every extra hours. More expensive but you will be sure that they will do everything what you need to be accomplished. 

Typical rate: $25 per hour (one person) and 4 hours required.