General Living Areas: 

All areas dusted on top and the sides of furniture.
Baseboards wiped down. 
Beds made and linens changed if new linens are left out on the bed.
Carpets vacuumed. 
Fingerprints washed from all woodwork, doorframes and switch plates. 
Fingerprints washed from woodwork, doorframes and switch plates. 
Lampshades dusted and bases cleaned. 
Mirrors washed, cleaned and dried. 
Overall appearance of the room left neat and tidy. 
Picture frames dusted. 
Trash collected and emptied. 
Vacuum and or wash floor. 
Vacuum under the bed if it is accessible. 
Window sills wiped.
Windows cleaned and wiped down.


All appliances on the front washed. 
Countertops and backsplash cleaned.
Floor vacuumed and washed. 
Microwave cleaned on the outside and inside. 
Overall appearance neat and tidy. 
Sills wiped down. 
Sink faucets cleaned with glass cleaner and buffed to sparkle. 
Sinks scrubbed and cleaned. 
Trashed collected and emptied. 


Drain of tub cleaned . 
Floor cleaned. 
Light fixtures cleaned. 
Mirrors cleaned. 
Sills wiped down. 
Sink faucet cleaned with glass cleaner and buffed to sparkle. 
Sinks and countertop scrubbed and wiped down. 
Toilets scrubbed in basin and around base and behind. 
Trash collected and emptied. 
Tub thoroughly cleaned, rinsed and left sparkling. 
Vacuum area carpets.

Provided by Maid Services Chicago